My first goal is to capture the authentic you, the fun, loving true nature of you and your family, partner, etc.

I want you to walk away with an experience and photos to cherish for a lifetime!

For families I warm up to the kids with laughter, my quirky jokes and my all-around goofiness. I tend to let the kids lead and we will play some Simon says games, ring around the Rosie , for my more shy/bashful kids I tend to bust out my slap humor I'm talking pretend fart, slipping, (whoopy cushions).

Don't worry my lovebird couples I'll have you two feeling like you just got back from a date! There's always one introvert individual in the couple, don't stress I have fun comfortable poses for you, as well as cute couple candid shots to use on the wedding slideshow! :)

To sum it up I have something to offer for everyone, I'm very go with the flow, all about having a good time! if you tend to be more of posed/prompted then I'm able to provide you ques on what to do with your hands and more.